Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you offer wholesale?
Yes, we offer wholesale opportunities and just like our custom orders, all wholesale orders must be partially paid upon confirmation. 

2. Why Butterfly Kisses?
  Butterfly Kisses, LLC
I chose that name because like their wings, my products are gentle and non-abrasive to one's skin. Also each product is crafted in a special way that reminds me of the intricacy of the butterfly's wings. The kisses part also signifies the gentleness and purity of our brand. We take the most sustainable and organic ingredients and create a product that's naturally skin loving and gentle enough to get the job done.

3. Do you raise funds or give back to the community?
Yes, here at Butterfly Kisses, LLC, a big part of our mission is to leave the world in a much better place than we found it. We make it our business to not only give back to the communtiy we are from but to also fund programs that teach financial literacy to the youth of Philadelphia. Our goal is to create a bette society, where the quality of living surpasses what it is today. We have many steps to complete and we hope you join us for the ride. 
4. Are you Black Owned?
Yes, we are 100% black owned and women ran. This is a family business with plans to expand with our community as time goes on. We are breaking generational curses one order at a time.