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What's cooking?

Recently we've decided to start master batching our recipes, mainly for soaps. Is that a good idea? Yes, yes it is. Is it easy...NO!!! To be honest aside from childbirth this is a touch cookie to crack. Here at Butterfly Kisses LLC, we take the time to thoroughly research the oils and butter we use. What type of properties does it have? Will the soap be too soft? Too hard? How do we over power the smell (yes some of the butter reek but that's another story.) Will it nourish your skin and clean it at the same time. There are many other questions that we also have to ask and answer but we can't tell you everything. After finally creating the perfect blend of oils and butters, yes butters, we are excited to finally be moving forward with our soaps and hopefully you'll enjoy the change.

Aside from our soaps, we are slowly, well quickly stepping into the SUMMER WEATHER which means it time for some Cocoa Butter and our lovely Body Glitter body spray/oil/butter/scrub. Yes we have it all.



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