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Wholesale Body Butters

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Looking for a new product to include in your boutique or salon? Well look no further our body butters are made with the richest and purest raw butters from Africa. Each body butter is different in its own way. We offer pure, whipped Shea Butter, our Triple Butter blend, and our selection of shimmer body butters.

Body Butter Descriptions:


Triple Butter: Our year long skin loving whipped to perfection body butter. This goes on smooth and less your skin with a hydrating sheen. 

Her Melanin Be Poppin': Our best seller!! This is a heavily pigmented whipped body butter that not only nourishes your skin but it also leaves a lovely glow, sparkle and shine. This is best for all day wear or an evening on the town.

Hibiscus: Made with fresh hibiscus leaves to fully abstract the essence of the flower and paired with cocoa butter to leave you smelling like fresh flowers and chocolate. This is one of our personal favorites. 

Hyperpigmentation: Made with organic and sustainably sourced turmeric and vitamin to help clear up dark spots but also leave your skin with a radiant non greasy shine. 

*Disclaimer * Due to the tint from the turmeric please beware of your fabrics. It can leave a yellowish/orange stain.

If you have an allergic reaction please contact us and discontinue usage of product.