Bulk Order Candles

Regular price $150.00

Looking to expand your brand without having to do the dirty work ? Well look no further, here at Butterfly Kisses, we offer both Private Label and Whole sale opportunities. You can pick the color, the scent, the size and we'll bring your vision to life. Turnaround is max 2 weeks. For a quicker turnaround there is a fee of $50.

We do everything from adding crystals, herbs, glitter and etc. For wholesale our logo will be placed on it along with the scent(s) of your choice. For private label, you'll produce the label well place them on the candles and ship them to you. We are also able to make scents that are exclusively for you and you only if you choose to do wholesale and not private label that way it's only available at your brand and your brand only.

Minimum order is 24. Price represents quantity.